What is a Virtual Consultation?

A virtual consultation is a medical consultation from anywhere in the world using a video conferencing application like Skype. You speak directly with your Surgeon, without wasting time on Dr Google.


A Virtual Consultation  is efficient, cheaper and more comfortable. Efficiency comes from eliminating travel and waiting time, so no travel cost or lost income makes it cheaper and better value. Comfort comes from having a consultation in familiar surroundings, so it is less intimidating, easier to ask questions and gain more knowledge. And for regional Australian patients, Virtual consultation attracts a Medicare co-payment.

Virtual Consultations work well for:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Second opinion
  3. Postoperative consult.

Book your Virtual Consult

Simply click here and select virtual consult. We will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for your virtual consultation, and reconfirm this the day before.

Just before the time of your virtual consultation, log on to Skype and send a contact request to Skype ID: dranthonymaloof