The Gold Standard – Perfect Pterygium Surgery

Pterygium Right Eye

Having many operations for the same thing is confusing for patients. Pterygium surgery is no different, but there is only one technique which offers both a white eye and the least risk of recurrence: Perfect pterygium surgery.

Dr Maloof only performs perfect pterygium surgery as described in the literature. This involves the extended removal of the pterygium followed by an extensive repair using a conjunctival transplant. Extended removal means the wide roots of the pterygium are completely removed and extended Conjunctival Transplant means covering the area with a graft tissue taken from underneath the eyelid. The result is an eye as white as possible, and recurrence rates way less than 1%.

Extended removal with clearance of pterygium roots.
A large graft is secured into place with stitches.

Perfect pterygium surgery leads to an eye that in most cases looks completely normal, with recurrence rates under 1%. It takes more time, and even though there are older methods that are simpler and faster, they come with higher risks of inferior results. Dr Maloof does not cut corners with surgery on your eyes and face.

Normal anatomy restored after perfect pterygium surgery

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