Insured Patients

No one likes to talk about fees. We do not charge the highest or lowest surgical fees, but we find patients are very confused about Medical insurance.

We are encouraged to obtain Medical Insurance to cover for surgery in private hospitals, but it is overly complex with exclusions and differing levels of cover.

As Surgery is an agreement between the Doctor and patient, we do NOT routinely involve a third party; the patient pays the surgical fee, then lodges a claim with their medical insurer after surgery, just like motor vehicle insurance. The patient receives partial reimbursement from their insurer and the difference is the out of pocket expense.

In some circumstances, there are other options:

– Partial reimbursement to doctor: called NO GAP.

– Partial reimbursement to doctor with reduction in fee: called KNOWN GAP.

Always check your level of coverage. If you are uncertain, just ask: we can help you.